MINETEC: International Institute for Mining Technology, JMEC



OSAME Atsuchi (since, 1st, Apr. 2018)



  Contribute to stable supply of the Natural Resources in the world by Training Sustainable Mining and Recycle Ideas and Technologies or Evaluation Methods to the projects for the Participants inside, outside Japan.



 Training Course for Japanese

○ Training Course on Mining Development

○ Training Course on Metallurgy and Recycling

  ・ Basic Study Course

  ・ Recycling Course

  ・ etc...


Training Course for International Cooperation




General Affairs / Training Affairs

9-3, Furudate, Kosaka, Akita 017-0202 JAPAN

Phone: +81-186-29-3825

E-mail: minetec■minetec.org (please replace ■→@)

URL: https://www.minetec.org


Headquarters (JMEC: Japan Mining Engineering & Training Center)

URL: https://www.jmec.or.jp

Sankaido Bldg., 1-9-3, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052

Phone: +81-3-6441-3275 / Fax: +81-3-6441-3276


■Brief History

1970: International Institute for Mineral Resource Development (IIMRD) established.

1990: Reorganized to International Institute for Mining Technology (MINETEC) and moved to Kosaka Town Akita Pref.

2013: April 1st, merged with Japan Mining Engineering Center for International Cooperation (JMEC).

    JMEC renamed to Japan Mining Engineering & Training Center and MINETEC is belong to JMEC.